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How Soon Can One Start Exercising After Plastic Surgery?


If you are an active person, then having to sit still and rest for a month or even more after a plastic surgery procedure may feel like an uphill task. But like you are about to find out, taking that rest as your surgeon recommends will be for your own good. That’s because getting back to the gym shortly after plastic surgery can easily compromise and prolong the recovery period. So as much as your excited about your new body and shape and as much as you want to maintain that appearance, you have no choice to but to give your body the time off it needs to recover. But how much time is needed? When can you start working out after plastic surgery? Read on to find out.

General Guidelines

Exercising can go a long way to improve your moods as well as your mental health. It can also boost the healing process. That does not mean though that you can get on the treadmill 24 hours after surgery. As a thumb rule, you should avoid any physical activity in the first 48 hours after a plastic surgery procedure. From then on, your doctor may or may not allow you to engage in light exercising depending on your health.

You may need a customized workout plan. Do not expect to be able to do more than a short walking session on the treadmill or a stationary bike. Even a seemingly light or mildly intense workout plan can have dangerous consequences in the first few weeks after a procedure. Also, do not assume that because you had facelift or breast enhancement, you can work on your legs without any pressure. You must take care of your body as a whole.

After Liposuction

You should be able to exercise by the third week after liposuction. This should be some light exercise though. Until then, be sure to minimize physical activity as much as possible. Note that depending on the area where you had liposuction, your range of movement may be limited. If for instance you have swelling near your knees or elbows, you will most likely want to avoid activities that put pressure on those areas. Your body will have healed enough by the fifth week. Swelling will have significantly receded too. By this time you should be able to jog or even do exercises that target your body’s midsection.

After Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are placed right underneath the pectrolaic major muscle. This means overstretching your torso for whichever reason is strictly forbidden in the first four weeks. Avoid pushups, lifting weights or simply engaging in any activity that will put pressure on your back and chest. Your doctor may however encourage you to do light exercises that target the lower area of your body.

After A Facelift

You’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t work out after a facelift. How can working out affect a facial procedure? Not much, you think. But you’re wrong. The thumb rule here is to stick to the four weeks plan. That is, work out after 4 weeks of full rest. Another thumb rule is to avoid any physical activity that will increase your blood pressure. This means no cardio. Do not be in a hurry. Rest, allow your body to fully recover then go back to the gym as you did before you got a facelift.

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