Eyelid surgery, or eye lift, also known as blepharoplasty, is a popular cosmetic procedure which eliminates the sagging skin around the eyes. This type of surgery can also be used to change the shape of the eye or to correct droopy eyes. It is usually performed in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries like laser resurfacing, forehead lifts or filler injections.

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery & Eye Lift

This cosmetic surgery can improve vision and field of sight for people of an elderly age. It can also improve your facial aesthetics and boost your confidence. Here are additional advantages of eyelid surgery & eye lift:

  • Get rid of “bags under the eyes” and have a more pleasant appearance
  • Your facial expression will no longer appear tired or stressed
  • The eyelids will become firmer and tighter
  • Wrinkles will be reduced, giving you a more youthful appearance
  • The eyes will look clearer, brighter, and fresher
  • Feel more confident and self-assured

About The Procedure

Eyelid surgery is performed after a light anesthetic has been administered to the patient. General anesthesia might also be used, especially when other cosmetic surgeries are performed at the same time. During the surgery, your eyes will be covered with a special shield for protection. The surgeon will make a few incisions within the natural creases of the eyelids. Excess skin and fat are removed from this area. Very fine sutures are used to close the incisions

Eyelid Surgery & Eye Lift | FAQ

Can eyelid surgery eliminate wrinkles and other aging signs?

This cosmetic procedure is designed to remove loose skin under the eye and on the upper eyelids. It can also help reducing wrinkles.

Am I left with scars after the surgery?

No scars result from eyelid surgery for most patients. If there are scars, they are usually hidden in the folds of the eyelids and they are not visible, especially when the eyes are open.

What should I expect after the surgery?

Minimal swelling and bruising is expected immediately after the surgery, but they will pass on their own. The eyelids of the patients might also feel sore and tight which is normal postoperatively. Your eyes might be watery and your vision might be blurry in the first days after the surgery.

When will the stitches be removed?

The stitches are usually removed after 3 to 5 days and the removal process causes minimal discomfort.

How quickly will I be able to see the results?

When the swelling disappears, patients will notice a definite improvement in their looks and a more youthful appearance. Swelling can be alleviated if patients sleep with 2 or more pillows for one or two weeks. Keeping the head elevated also helps reducing swelling.

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