A sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, weight loss, ageing, and other factors can contribute to a flabby midsection. Regular exercise can help to get rid of this, but there are times when it simply does not work as effectively as one would want.

Abdominoplasty refers to a surgical procedure that aims to reverse some of these changes by modifying the arrangement of tissues in one’s midsection. This includes getting rid of excess skin and fat as well as rearranging tissues for a more appealing aesthetic effect.

Benefits of Abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck procedure can help you achieve a tighter, leaner midsection. Here is a look at the benefits you can gain:

  • Get instant results
  • Results are permanent as long as you avoid rapid fluctuations in weight
  • Safe procedure
  • Can be used to get rid of stretch marks
  • Become more confident about your body shape

About The Procedure

The first step in abdominoplasty is assessing one’s suitability. An assessment is done to determine the client’s suitability to undergo surgery. Risk factors such as allergy to medications and anesthetics as well as lifestyle risk factors (including smoking) can affect one’s eligibility. The actual abdominoplasty is done under general anesthesia. There are two broad categories of the procedure as indicated below.

A complete abdominoplasty: The cosmetic surgeon will make an incision from one hip bone to the other. They will use the access to contour the midsection by removing excess tissue such as fat, as well as by redistributing it. Excess skin will be snipped off as well. Complete tummy tucks may involve moving the belly button. Drainage tubes will be left in the incision site for a few days after the procedure.

A partial abdominoplasty: This is used for less extensive reconstruction, and for people whose fat deposits are mainly below the navel. This is a shorter procedure and typically does not involve moving the navel.

Recovery time after both procedures varies but takes an average of a week after which patients can participate in mildly exerting activities.

Abdominoplasty | FAQ

Is tummy tuck synonymous with liposuction?

No, liposuction only involves removal of subcutaneous fat while abdominoplasty modifies all abdominal wall tissues for the desired effect.

Will future pregnancy have an impact on the results?

Clients are advised not to undergo abdominoplasty until they are sure that they will not have more children, since pregnancy can be complicated by the changes in the abdominal wall.

Is it painful?

Adequate analgesic cover is usually provided to clients to ensure that the period between surgery and full recovery is as painless as possible.

Can I start exercising after the tummy tuck surgery?

For optimal results, tummy tucks should be done by people who have been on an exercise and weight loss regimen for some time as this makes it easier to get rid of excess skin. A tummy tuck is not a substitute for exercise and weight loss.

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