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Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2020


The world of fashion and beauty is always changing and in 2020 we expect nothing less. For beauty buffs, this coming year presents you with pretty exciting trends heading your way. From facials to arms, thighs, booty to boob jobs this year will be very busy.

Jaws And Chins Fillers

Fuller jawlines and will be on the high. Aesthetic patients, often with age, lose the continuity of straight and youthful jawline. Facial aging results from fat atrophy and volume loss from both tissue descent and bone resorption. The jawline is a big thing. With perfect jaws, it is all about symmetry. Using the side view of the face, from the outline of the hairline to the tip of the chin an obtuse angle is created.

This is what most clients want. Take the example of Angelina Jolie or Rihanna who have managed to achieve this perfect jaw. To achieve that, a filler called Radiesse, a synthetic calcium complex will be used. It is injected and feels more like a bone. More than your typical hyaluronic acid The cometic surgeon during the procedure will inject the fills from the back of a client’s jaw to achieve the desired symmetry angle. These fills should visually separate the jaw from the neck.

More chin fillers! Alongside the jawline, chin fillings are finding its way back into cosmetic surgeons` offices. As seen recently, most men desire to have symmetry between the edges of their chins. A trait that currently is been viewed as more masculine.

It Will Be An Active And Exciting Year For Skin Enhancements.

This is for patients who don’t have time for laser surgery or have skin problems with certain makeup. In this case, organic makeup is micro needed into the skin creating an actual flawless complexion that lasts for weeks. This procedure isn’t yet approved by the FDA since there is uncertainty of whether it could cause unknown skin complications. It is becoming quite popular in New York and we see it becoming a major game-changer this whole year.

Oxygenating Facials is also expected to make a come back. This procedure is the ultimate facial treatment for patients who want to achieve younger and fresher skin both outside and inside of the skin. This procedure provides clinically proven and approved treatments that encourage natural skin.

The Era of Breast Implants Will See A Great Decline.

Breast implants will become more and more unpopular. This can be credited due to breast cancer scares. Smaller breasts are now been requested more than ever. There has been an upscale in implants.

Body Contouring Will Be Virtually Painless

Liposuction and tummy tuck are both the most common body contouring procedures although these are painfull and surgical. With new technological advancement, there are new non-surgical procedures that are becoming popular and are only going to be more popular this year according to Wexler. These include temperature-based fat reduction, muscle enhancements, skin tightening, and even cellulite-reducing injectables.

Bum Lifts

Bum lift will never be absolute and 2020 won’t be the year its demand to reduce. For years people have been told that the secret to having the perfect bottom is hitting the gym but this takes a long time to achieve. Let 2020 be the year that you get the desired rear with bum implants. Bum implants can take someone from a flat bottom to the rear of the year in just a few hours.

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