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4 Reasons Why Winter Is The Most Ideal Season For Plastic Surgery


Let’s face it. Summer is never fun if you do not have the perfect ‘summer body’. That explains why right before summer, the quest to know more about liposuction, breast augmentation and tummy tucks is always high. It is a skin baring season after all. People would naturally want to show off their bodies sometimes in an attempt to woo a potential suitor. But there’s really no wrong time to enhance your looks and general appearance. There’s however, an ideal time – one that is not just better than all the rest but also nearly perfect. You guessed it right – winter! So what exactly makes winter ideal for plastic surgery procedures? Read on to learn more.

Less Sun

You probably do not like winter because the season comes along with fewer sunny days. But if you were to undergo breast augmentation today, you’d definitely love it. Recovery time during winter is often faster compared to other seasons. Scars simply heal faster, without the damaging influence of strong ultraviolet rays. It gets better with the fact that people who choose to undergo surgery during winter often end up with less visible scarring.

Cool Temperatures

Several plastic surgery procedures usually require special surgical undergarments to be worn for days or even weeks following a procedure. This can be downright uncomfortable and uneasy during warmer months. This can’t be said of winter. The surgical undergarments simply come in handy. As a matter of fact, they offer the much needed extra layer of insulation to keep one warm. They are also comfortable to wear during winter.

Recovery Time

One of the most challenging things about plastic surgery procedures done during warmer times has to be the limited amount of time one has for outdoor fun. The limits are gut wrenching. For some time, you cannot participate in physical activities. You also have to limit the time you spend outdoors. You have to remain cooped up as you watch the rest of the world having fun. Choose to undergo your desired plastic surgery procedure during winter and you certainly won’t feel the pressure or need to be outside with your mates. You’ll also give yourself ample time to heal and recover. Remember with many plastic surgery procedures, plenty of rest often goes a long way to expedite recovery.

Fresh Start

Undergoing plastic surgery during winter really plays well into the idea of a ‘fresh’ or ‘brand new’ start. Many people tend to commit to a New Year’s resolution around this time of the year. There’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, it is a good way to start afresh and make yourself a priority by going for the procedure you’ve always wanted. Make this year’s winter count by getting your desired plastic surgery procedure.

What To Know About Plastic Surgery in Winter

Many plastic surgeons get busy during winter for pretty much obvious reasons. With that in mind, be sure to make early arrangements. Contact your plastic surgeon on time. Then once you have a procedure done on you, update your surgeon on your progress as often as he or she requires of you. Be sure to also observer a healthy meal plan during recovery and to refrain or even quit harmful habits like smoking or excess alcohol consumption.

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