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Treatments That Will Get You Perky Lips


Today, more people, that includes both men and women, crave fuller looking lips. Popular celebrities and socialites have made perky lips the “in” look. If you are wondering which procedure can give you the perfect results when looking for fuller lips, you need to ask yourself:

“Do I want a permanent or temporary solution to lip augmentation?”
“Should I get lip implants or lip fillers?”

Let’s take a look at different lip augmentation procedures available today.

Lip Implants

Lip implants are a permanent alternative for lip augmentation. Implant insertion is an in-office procedure, but your doctor has to determine which lip implant would best suit you before the procedure. The procedure involves the cosmetic surgeon first sterilizing the surgical area and then he or she applies anesthesia to the lips. Once the lips are numb, the surgeon makes an incision in each corner of the mouth. A lip tunnel that follows the shape of the lip is created and the implant is then inserted and positioned above the lip muscles and under the lip fat. The incisions are finally closed. This procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Lip Fillers

Just like lip implants, lip fillers is also an in-office procedure. To create perky lips, fillers are injected in the lower and upper lips. Before injecting the filler, the surgeon first assesses the patient’s lips and overall facial balance. Depending on the patient’s shape and symmetry, the surgeon is able to determine which areas of the lips need to be plumper and fuller. This procedure offers temporary results and lasts only six to eight months. It just takes less than 30 minutes to complete the procedure.

Tissue Grafting

This is another type of autologous lip augmentation. This procedure involves using pieces of the patient’s skin or dermis and also body fat for lip augmentation. The skin is usually harvested from the lower stomach area. Other times, skin removed during a face lift can be used. During the procedure, the top layer of the skin is removed and the remainder skin which is known as dermis is then rolled into a cigar-shape then inserted into the patient’s lips. The procedure can last sixty to ninety minutes. After this procedure, the patient can retain their new lip volume and shape for more than five years.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a great alternative to artificial implants and fillers. The patient’s fat tissue is used for lip augmentation instead. Fat that is used for the procedure is normally harvested from your abdomen and the same procedure applied in lip fillers is used. Before the fat from the belly can be transferred into the lips, it has to be purified first. The transfer process takes about ninety minutes and thereafter the patient is free to go home. Lips filled with fat can stay plump for more than five years.

End Note

Whether you choose lip implants or lip injections, you will notice a significant change in your lips and they will appear poutier. All the above lip augmentation procedures give quick results. Be sure to find a certified, qualified, and experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure for better results.

This article was not written by Dr. Robert S. Fischer M.D and may not represent his views. To talk to Dr. Robert S. Fischer M.D. please contact the office directly.